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Agri-Analsyis performs independent third party laboratory for the following products:

1. Herbicide Resistant Soybean - BASF CV 127.

The soybean line CV127 was produced by transforming meristemic tissues of the conventional variety ‘ Conquest’ with the plasmid vector pAC321. The vector carries the mutated csr1-2 transgene from Arabidopsis thaliana to express an enzyme acetohydroxyacid synthase large subunit AtAHASL, which confers tolerance to imidazolinone-based herbicides. For more information on CV127 soybean, please visit the " FDA web site".

2. Insect Resistant Soybean - Monsanto MON87701.

The soybean line MON87701 was developed by transforming meristematic tissue with plasmid PV-GMGOX20. The plasmid carries the modified cry1Ac transgene to express the insecticide protein which is toxic to Lepidoptera. The GMO soybean variety is resistant to lepidopteran pest attacks.

3. Herbicide and Insect Resistant Soybean - Monsanto MON87701 x MON89788.

The soybean line MON87701 x MON89788 was obtained by traditional breeding of two genetically modified parental lines, MON 87701 and MON 89788. The soybean variety has inherited the cry1Ac transgene conferring resistance to Lepidoptera insects from the GM line MON87701, and the cp4 epsps gene conferring tolerance to glyphosate ammonium-based herbicides from the GM line MON89788 to produce a soybean variety resistant to Lepidopteran pests and tolerant to glyphosate ammonium-based herbicides.